Bedroom Refurbishment


Refurbishment of a lounge within a rental property. We had to plaster some of the walls, fit new electrical sockets, fit new skirting, fit new doors and a new carpet. We then painted the room ready for a new tenant to move in.

Bedroom Refurbishment2021-03-04T09:09:27+00:00

Glass Paned Staircase


Part of one of our bigger projects refurbishing this house.Look at this amazing staircase that we installed for our customer. 

Glass Paned Staircase2021-03-04T13:42:32+00:00

Hallway Refurb


We carried this work out for a landlord, who required refurbishment the hall and staircase in a rental property between tenants. 

Hallway Refurb2021-03-04T10:05:32+00:00

Bathroom Refurb


We carried this work out for a landlord, who required refurbishment of a bathroom and toilet in a rental property between tenants. 

Bathroom Refurb2021-03-04T10:04:48+00:00

Toilet Privacy


Our customer wanted a bit of privacy in their on-suite bathroom. This was nice little install of some privacy film on the window. 

Toilet Privacy2021-03-04T10:04:09+00:00

Landscaping Project


This nice landscaping project was completed by us. Unfortunately we did not take any photos before the work was carried out. Before we started this project it was mainly just grass to the fence. We installed the sleepers, made the log store and filled in the flower bed, planting an array of flowers and

Landscaping Project2021-03-04T10:02:07+00:00

Office Drainage


One of our commercial customers needed a new waste system fitted at their property. We installed this drainage pumping station in the ground, plumbed it into the existing drainage network some 80 metres away and plumbed fresh water into a number of new buildings

Office Drainage2021-03-04T10:02:58+00:00

Hanging Kitchen Unit


We recently fitted this wall hanging 1200mm kitchen unit for one of our customers matching their existing kitchen. There was a small delivery problem from their supplier who only supplied one end panel. We have since returned and fitted the other end panel (on the left).

Hanging Kitchen Unit2021-03-04T09:57:29+00:00

Rental Kitchen Restoration


We restored and repaired this small kitchen in a rental property between tenants. Decorating, tiling, plumbing and bit of electrical work were needed.

Rental Kitchen Restoration2021-03-04T09:56:50+00:00
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