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Services Overview

Maintaining Inspiration

At OMA-fix, we provide high quality maintenance and improvement solutions for both residential and commercial customers.

From painting a kitchen to wiring an office, to renovating a warehouse, we are up for the challenge.

Each of our tradesmen are professionally trained and work closely with both our planners and our customers to make sure your projects are being done to your specifications and our high standards.

Health, Safety and the Environment

Our goal is to provide top quality maintenance and improvement services

We make sure we work in a safe and responsible manner, complying to all legal obligations and company standards.

We stick to our company policies at all times:

-Committed management

-Accountability from every employee

-Full communication

-Sustainable methods

Social Responsibility


We believe in maintaining transparency when dealing with our customers, working with them rather than for them. We make sure we keep in contact with our customers from the beginning to the end of every project so we can mould our service to their individual needs.


Like our customers, we like to work transparently with suppliers and build lasting, and trusting, relationships.


By keeping the wellbeing of our staff at the forefront of our operation, we strive to create a happy and safe environment, as well as a place to evolve in their trades.

Commercial Projects

Building Commercial Success

For commercial projects, we look to provide exceptional service to every company.



We can provide commercial maintenance or improvement services suited to your requirements, from carrying out minor repairs to fully refurbishing your commercial spaces, creating a professional environment for your staff and customers.


Do you need regular maintenance of your internal and external facilities?

We offer a solution for any requirement that you may need, please get in contact with us to arrange a quote.

Residential Services

A Tradesman For Any Size Job

If you require maintenance or improvement services to your property,

whether it’s a few ‘handyman’ jobs, repairs to your existing property or creating a new exciting space,

please contact us to tell us about your requirements and arrange a quote.

We work with a professional team of designers or architects who can help you create something special

or work to your existing plans and design needs



Some of our services include: